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Many companies order promotional items and other promotional advertising products because they want a custom promotional item with their company name on it for themselves. Promotional business items are meant to be given to prospective clients. Here are the top 5 mistakes made when purchasing Promotional Items.

1. The imprinted promotional products don't have value. Don't buy trinkets and trash. Purchasing cheap promotional items for the sake of just giving something away is a real waste of money. Ask yourself if the item will be thrown away or will it have a long term use such as a mouse pad or logo coaster.

2. Too often I hear that companies are not willing to hand out these business promotional products. These marketing business items do no good in a closet. Look to donate them to local community events, Chambers of Commerce and golf tournaments. Get the maximum exposure of your logo.

3. Don't place too much information on the promotional product, this overload of information makes the item less likely to be used and in many cases, becomes illegible.

4. Placing information that does not clearly explain your message. Many times a client will want to place a slogan on the product that does not explain the business. Place your company website or a key phone number. Keep the information short and to the point.

5. Don't purchase an item of value that grossly undervalues the product or service that your company provides. If your company sells million dollar machinery, don't hand out 40 cent pens.

In summation, don't shop price, look for a promotional products consultant that can guide you toward purchasing the best valued custom imprinted promotional items. When you shop price, many times you get the domino effect of the 5 mistakes just mentioned.

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